The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010

The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, signed into law by President Obama in late September, is designed to tackle America’s continuing high unemployment rate by bolstering that sector of the American economy that has traditionally been responsible for the creation of the most American jobs: the small business sector. Small businesses, defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as any commercial concern with fewer than 500 employees, employ slightly over half of all private sector employees and over the past 15 years have generated close to 65% of all new jobs.

It’s no secret that the recent economic downturn has hit business where it hurts. Even in prosperous times, business formation is a risky endeavor: over half of all small businesses fail within their first year, in part because their owners have an incomplete knowledge of the business law necessary to guide them through business formation. In the year 2008, the first year of the recession, almost as many of these businesses closed as were started, and many of those businesses had been in operation over ten years.

The 2008 $825 billion economic stimulus package contained very few provisions aimed at helping small businesses. The Act sought to rectify that situation by extending loan enhancements first put into place by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Among other things, the Recovery Act allowed the SBA to raise the government-backed guarantee on its 7(a) loans to 90% and it also allowed the SBA to waive its $1,000 packaging fee on both its 7(a) loans and its 504 loans.

While loan modifications such as these make SBA loans a more attractive and useful option for entrepreneurs, it also makes the already complicated process of transacting an SBA loan even more complicated. Dealing with the SBA can already be problematic for startups, particularly those involved in non-traditional commercial ventures such as online businesses. In order to take the best advantage of the loan modifications, tax breaks and accelerated pay-outs offered under the new business assistance bill, startups and other businesses would be well advised to engage the services of an experienced business attorney who understands exactly how the Act can aid business formation.

Provisions of the Business Jobs Act

In addition to the loan modifications the Act contains other provisions designed to help small businesses attain access to the capital they need for operations and expansion. These include:

- A permanent increase in the size of the maximum loan available under the 7(a) and 504 loan programs from $2 million to $5 million; a corollary increase in the maximum loan amount available through the 504 loan program specifically targeted at manufacturing from $4 million to $5.5 million.

- A permanent increase in the microloan cap from $35,000 to $50,000 specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and startups.

- A temporary increase in the loan amount available to SBA Express loan recipients from $350,000 to $1 million.

The bill also introduced eight significant tax cuts for small businesses:

- The elimination of all capital gains taxes for business investments held five years or over.

- An increase in the write off for capital investments from $250,000 in Year One and $25,000 in Year Two to $500,000, and increasing the threshold for these write-offs to $2 million.

- An extension of the 50% bonus depreciation through the close of 2010.

- A health insurance deduction for the self-employed.

- Simplified rules regarding the deduction of cell phones and cell phone-related expenses.

- A temporary increase in the deduction for start-up costs from $5,000 to $10,000 (with a ceiling of $60,000.)

- For certain businesses, the ability to offset taxes – including the Alternative Minimum Tax – through business credits from the past five years.

- A decrease in penalties for tax errors that disproportionately affect businesses and small business owners (particularly sole proprietors.)

An Experienced Business Lawyer Can Help

The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 provides significant new advantages to small business owners and to entrepreneurs who are in the process of forming a new business. Counterintuitive though it might sound, historically recessions have been excellent times to launch startups. Just ask FedEx.

However, the SBA process is extraordinarily difficult to navigate without the assistance of someone who is well versed in business law. Traditionally, the SBA has been very reluctant to make loans to startups: without a proven track record, the new small business owner is seen as a loan risk. An online business may be viewed as even a greater risk since in many cases it lacks the equipment and other capital that is viewed by the prospective lender as collateral in the worst-case scenario that a repayment schedule cannot be met. If you want to leverage the many benefits offered by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 on behalf of your startup, your wisest course is to consult with an experienced business attorney.

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Small Business Jobs for You

If you are looking for a great way to increase your income, a small business is one of the best possible ways to do it. There are a variety of small business jobs that you can do in order to make money, so you can always find something that you like. Here are just a few of these.

One of the most popular small business jobs for many people involves teaching someone else how to do something that you know how to do. People always have different skills or talents. And there are always other people out there that want to know how to do these things. A great way to make money is to start a business teaching other people how to do things that you can do.

Sometimes, teaching these skills is not as good an option as offering them to someone else. If you know how to do nails or cut hair, for example, you can create your own salon. Or, if you are a man that is good with construction, starting your own construction business is one of the most profitable small business jobs for men.

If you like children, one of the most popular small business jobs is running a daycare. Some people love to do this because they love children. Of course, it takes some money and a lot of energy in order to effectively run a daycare. And you have to get a license if you babysit more than a certain amount of children. But still, it is a popular choice of profession for many women out there because they enjoy babysitting children so much.

Direct sales companies are very popular small business jobs that many people love to take advantage of – especially women. These companies don’t require a business license of any kind. All you have to do is sign up with the companies to get started selling whatever product or service that the companies sell. You can sell for one or you can sell for many. All you have to have is a potential customer base and the money to get involved.

If you want, you can start a business making something that you like to make. Many people love to cook, so they open up their own restaurant or diner. This is often something that requires a lot of passion and a lot of money, though, to start out, but it is still one of the most popular types of small business jobs on the market. That is why there are so many small restaurants when you go through towns and cities.

As you can see, there are many different small business jobs to choose from. All you have to be able to do is decide what you want to do and what would be the most advantageous. There are many to choose from, and obviously many advantages to being a small business owner. All you have to do is consider all of your options and choose the best business for you.

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Cleaning Business Jobs – The 3 Tiers Of Professionalism For Cleaning Jobs

Many entrepreneurs contemplate everyday all the different cleaning business jobs they could start. If you are reading this than a cleaning business is what you are thinking about possibly starting. What most people miss when thinking about cleaning jobs is the order of executing the 3 tiers of professionalism. This is the most basic step when mind mapping how to start a cleaning business. The 3 tiers cleaning business professionalism are as follows:

Selecting a cleaning niche to become the expert in
Building experience through hands on work
Expanding to your own business
Selecting a cleaning niche to become the expert

The great thing about the cleaning industry is that there is a number of trades or niches to choose from. Personally any niche in the field of cleaner jobs is a great choice being that they are very lucrative.These are some of the many jobs there are out there:

Office Cleaning Jobs
Tile & Grout Jobs
House Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Power Washing
Auto/Boat/RV Cleaning
By choosing one of these niches and becoming the expert is the best way be successful and the first tier of professionalism. Keep in mind that this industry is huge and not one niche dominates so you be the judge.

Building experience through hands on work

Working in the cleaning business is not for everyone. Since not everyone wants to clean for a living. But that is why you are here you do and you are looking for the knowledge to get you on the right path for success. One of if not the only way to gain experience in any cleaning business is to do hands on work. Ultimately, doing hands on work is the best way of learning. In my opinion I think most people learn well by doing hands on work. There are different ways of attaining experience and that would be by contacting fellow tradesman or companies in your area. Let them know that you’re interested in working for them for free to gain knowledge or experience. What businessperson doesn’t want free help.

Expanding to your own business

Being able to start your own business is I think everyone’s dream. I mean who doesn’t want to be their own boss. There are a few things to know when you are at this point. Those are landing clients and also working for your clients. Getting clients is really the most important aspect of your company, as opposed to doing the actual cleaning jobs you specialize in. Knowing the proper sales and marketing will dramatically help you land clients. Now you have done the work getting all your clients and the next thing to do is the cleaning job for them. my suggestion is do an over the top performance for your customers make sure you do all you say you are going to do. Here’s a tip when you start out offer a service or a product for free.

As we know there are many entrepreneurs out there that contemplate all the different cleaning businesses they could start. With these 3 tiers of professionalism that shared with you,using them in proper order of execution you should have enough knowledge to put your plan into action.

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Slick Socials Will Help You Boost Your Instagram Profile

Slick Socials is offering the most effective way to get instant followers for Instagram and for the best prices on the market.
One way or the other, social networking websites are playing a genuinely major role in our day to day living – that much is absolutely certain. And, of course, in case that you are running a business or perhaps are simply interested in making the most from your very own personal needs and requirements, odds are, you are going to need to make the most from social networks, such as Instagram, and within the very least amount of time possible indeed.

With that said, there are plenty of ways to really get video views Instagram, but, odds are, you are going to be off looking for the most efficient ones out there. Well, if that is so and you are hence subsequently already browsing the World Wide Web, trying to figure out which is the ideal option namely for you, it would be wise to check out Slick Socials and to make the most from the best instagram auto like within the very least amount of time possible. That is right – regardless of how many followers, likes and views you may well need, do not hesitate to check out the Slick Socials and you are going to get all of the boosts you will need quickly, effectively as well as for the most budget-friendly prices out there. The best thing about it is the fact that you are going to get genuine followers as well as genuine likes from real people, which is a huge advantage and will not get you banned in any way, so this is something that you will want to go with indeed.

Unlike many other options that are just as readily available on the market these days, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the prices and just how quickly those likes, views and followers will be delivered to you as well, which is a huge benefit indeed and one that will allow you to boost your business as well as your popularity within the very least amount of time possible.

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